Volunteer opportunities in Africa

In addition to any romantic notions that you may have conjured up in your minds-eye when envisioning yourself on the ‘dark continent’, Africa offers volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, including teenagers as well as retired seniors it is also by far the world’s most needy and impoverished landmass. Staggering HIV/AIDS figures, famine, and a myriad of tragic stories of conflict and devastation are interwoven into the fibres of her character and scar her lands.

Volunteer activities may range from physically demanding construction work and rural farming to activities as easy as distributing second-hand clothes, food and playing with children.

There are various volunteer programs in Africa (http://www.africanimpact.com/volunteers/) as well as more HIV/AIDS volunteer programs (http://www.africanimpact.com/volunteers/hiv-aids/) in A frica, in several other countries.

For travel advice or more information about volunteering in Africa feel free to contact them (http://www.africanimpact.com/contact/).

African Children